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Bean Inspired Logo TransparentThe sky is the limit with our freshly roasted coffee. Bean Inspired deals with a variety of only the best top quality beans from around the world.
Available as single origins or choose from some of our winning blends.

All of our coffees are available in 1kg retail bags, 250g retail bags and 4kg boxes of filter coffee sachets.

  • World Tour Blend
  • Organic – Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Decaf
  • Crème Gold

100% Arabica coffee beans

  • World Tour Blend
  • Organic – Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Crème Gold
  • Decaf * Ordered on Request

* Can be ordered as Beans or Pre-Ground
Ground for Plunger, Filter or Espresso

Our most popular filter blends are:

  • Superior Filter Coffee (50 x 80g)
  • Signature Filter Coffee (50 x 80g)
  • Premium Mocca Java Filter Coffee (50 x 80g)

Our filter coffee is specially packaged in 50g sachets to make it nice and easy to brew a quick pot.

Our Coffee Blends

Single Origin Coffee


Bright acidity and a rich, smooth balanced body


Flavours from winey to fruity. Crisp and soft with floral tones.


Enjoy a lively cup with shimmering citrus notes.


Heavy body and syrupy, chocolaty after-tones.
Very little “bite” and a long, lingering finish.


Low acidity and light-bodied brew. Fruity flavours and a pleasant aroma with a clean but fairly short finish.


Sweet aromatic taste. Well-balanced with lots of bold body.